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It is easy sometimes for some entrepreneurs or businessmen to establish a business and hire people to start production or services.
But what sometimes gets forgotten and not in plan (or not really important in their views) is Marketing the product or the service, and .
in the world of manufacturing and industrial business, it's not uncommon for a company to have achieved annual revenues of $5-10 even $20 million, without ever devoting a certain percentage of their budget to marketing communications. They may have a brochure; a website; exhibit at a few trade shows each year; maybe even throw out a print ad every once in a while.

So what is marketing?

Simply stated, marketing is everything you do to place your product or service in the hands of potential customers.
It includes diverse disciplines like sales, public relations, pricing, packaging, and distribution.

But we hear sometimes the word "Marketing Plan", and unfortunately some of us don't know about it;so what is marketing plan?
A business cannot really get off the ground until they sell something. And that is what marketing is all about. If marketing is how sales are made, then a marketing plan is about figuring out how sales will be made. Developing a good plan is a way to overcome your shortcomings and increase your business's income. No plan equals to no sales. Which in turn means your business is not going to make it. This is why a solid marketing plan is a MUST.

A marketing plan prepares your business to be proactive in what the market does. Without one, you end up reacting to changes and to competition, which means you are always a step behind those who are already prepared. So, then, a marketing plan is crucial to being ready to deal with the ebbs and flows of the market. It's always better to anticipate and plan for a market change well ahead of time rather than find out about it later on. You need to be in the leading edge and not the following edge.
Overall, if you have a good marketing plan in place you will have a business that is in control of itself. When you're in control, you can steer it towards profits. You will be able to stick to certain sales strategies and have an idea what kind of results you want to see. Measurable mile stones will let you know if you are on track. All advertising efforts are targeted at a specific goal, and overall you will know what success looks like to you and your associates. A good plan with tell you exactly what to expect to see and when to see those results. This is an indicator of how successful your plan is. A well placed and established marketing plan will help your business, big or small, to unite in a common effort and will promote teamwork. Ultimately you, as a whole, will see your business grow
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